Last Updated: 01.07.2020

Welcome to Morpheus Rigging System User Guide!


The Morpheus Rigging System (MRS) is a core part of a open content development platform for Autodesk Maya. These docs are for the core of the content development system. Other tools in the cgm library may be found here.


Other Tools...

You can find the core cgmTools docs in a public sphinx library here.

User Supported


MRS is open. We chose not to put a license on it because we wanted others to be able to experiment and collaborate with us to make it better. However, development takes time and resources so we will offer ways to use donate or support the platform more as the sytem expands.

We currently have video on demand class with our friends at Rigging Dojo available here.


The Morpheus Rigging System (MRS) is free to use for both commercial and personal projects. For now consider it as attribution share alike. You can't resell our code nor call any of it your own. You're free to modify it however you like.

More specific legalese shall follow when we get around to it.


CG Monks

  • David Bokser
  • Josh Burton
  • Ryan Comingdeer

Additional Contributors

  • Benn Garnish

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